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Below you'll see the instructional video by ChefSteps on how to use ceramic honing rod.

Quick Recap On What You Should Keep In Mind When Honing Your Knives:

  • Finding The Right Angle

    The angle to use for honing your knife depends on how the blade is formed: for example outdoor hunting knives usually have bigger angle than kitchen knives. Depending on the type of knife the angle should stay between 15-25 degrees.

  • How Many Times Each Side

    If you hone your knife on a regular basis, a short 5-10 strokes each side will be sufficient to maintain your knives razor-sharp. If the blades edge has not been taken care of regularly, you might want to use a bit more pressure and make the session longer in order to actually SHARPEN your knife by removing microscopical pieces of metal from it with your Green Elephant Honing rod.

  • How often should you hone your knives?

    It really depends on how often you use your knife. For home cooks, a few times a week will be sufficient, while professional chefs might need to hone their knives multiple times a day.

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Use a Honing Steel:

  • Green Elephant Honing Rod User Manual
    Green Elephant Honing Rod User Manual

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